How to use Meta Business Suite for Small Business Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide
7 March 2024
A female small business owner sits at a desk, working on a laptop, learning how to use Meta Business Suite for small business marketing. The text overlay reads "A beginner's guide for small business owners" with the Meta Business Suite brand logo

As a small business owner trying to juggle your marketing on social media with all the other ‘running a business’ tasks, making the most of useful tools such as the Meta Business Suite is a must. Here we look at how to use Meta Business Suite for small business marketing.

What is Meta Business Suite and why is it important for small business owners and entrepreneurs?

It’s an effective tool with a wide range of functionalities to help you manage your business’ Facebook, Instagram and Messenger activity in one place, separately from your personal social media/ messaging activities. The opportunity to manage social media marketing and communications via a single interface can be helpful for you to save time and focus your efforts. 

Meta Business Suite is a tool I strongly recommend for the majority of small business owners, especially as it’s free to use.
In this blog, I’ll discuss some of the features, the main pros and cons, as well as provide a tutorial on setting it up for your connected Facebook and Instagram business pages.

Business Suite was introduced in 2020 to replace the Meta Business Manager tool – an important update was the inclusion of mobile app access as well as desktop, whereas Business Manager was only available on desktop. Also Business Suite facilitates access to a connected Instagram account, whereas Business Manager focused purely on Facebook page access.
During that period, let’s not forget that the overall parent company name changed from Facebook to Meta, too. Adding more possible name change confusion!

Key features of Meta Business Suite include the ability to:

  • Plan business marketing content for Facebook and Instagram
  • Create, draft and schedule posts, Stories & Reels
  • Engage with content in your Page’s feeds
  • Manage notifications and direct messages to your pages
  • Measure your marketing activities, via detailed insights
  • Target audiences with paid-for advertising campaigns

As with many advanced tools, there are pros as well as cons to using Meta Business Suite for small business marketing. These include…

✅ Streamline your processes across multiple platforms
✅ More advanced data insights compared with those available ‘in app’
✅ Integration with the full Meta ecosystem, for easy access to other Meta tools, eg Commerce Manager for FB shop owners 
✅ Has a mobile app as well as desktop access
✅ Allows creation of automated responses for your page’s inboxes

👎 Complex to navigate for beginners
👎 Limited functionalities compared with in-app for creation/ editing of Reels & Stories

How to set up Meta Business Suite for small business marketing – STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE

1. Begin by creating a Facebook Page for your business, if you do not already have one. (This is the only requirement for starting with Business Suite.)

2. Open the Business Suite: click on on desktop.
You can also do this on mobile, by installing the Meta Business Suite app from the AppStore or GooglePlay.
(I recommend using the desktop option as a personal preference for ease of navigation, both of ongoing management as well as setup.)

3. Add your Facebook Business Page.

– In the Home Screen, look for the ‘Settings’ tab on the left side, toward the bottom of the list.

– Now in the Settings screen, look for the tab ‘Business Assets’ from the list.

– Use the top right button ‘Add Assets’ OR a direct pop up may appear for you to ‘Add Pages’.

– Click ‘Claim an existing Facebook Page’ from the options.

– Enter the Page name (or URL) of your Page and click ‘Add Page’


4. If you also have an Instagram Business Page that you’d also like to connect to your Business Suite, follow a similar process. 
You’ll need to have your Instagram username and password handy.
(If you do not have an Instagram account at this time, it’s possible to create one later and add it at any time, so you can revisit this step.)

– in the Settings screen, look for the tab ‘Business Assets’.

– Add Assets  > Instagram Page

– Check and agree to the terms of use statement ahead of connecting your Instagram Page, then click ‘Claim an Instagram account’

 – Enter your login info to Instagram and click ‘Log in’.

– If you have two-factor authentication turned on for your Instagram account (hopefully you do!), Meta will check that you are the genuine owner of the account, using your security code.
You can find more info about two-factor authentication and why I believe it’s important to have it turned on in the blog I wrote here.

– Click ‘confirm’ and you’re done!

Exploring the Meta Business Suite dashboard

This screenshot above shows what the Meta Business Suite home screen will look like when you have your Facebook (and Instagram) Page(s) connected (desktop view). You’ll see this whenever you log into Facebook as your business and switch to the Business Suite portal.
The red highlighted areas show that you can make edits to the Facebook page and/or Instagram bio, directly from the Business Suite home page.

The dashboard view is very similar when using the Business Suite app, too. So you can use Meta Business Suite for small business marketing, either without any need for a laptop, to fulfil quick tasks ‘on the go’, and generally, manage your time more efficiently.

Key features of the dashboard home screen include…

The sidebar access tabs allow you to view your Pages’:

  • Notifications – who has liked, commented etc on your posts
  • Inboxes – to view any Direct Messages you’ve received as well as sent, and for auto-response customisations
  • Content – view, schedule, draft and create posts and Stories, plus here’s where you can drill into specific insight data for individual pieces of published content
  • Planner – a customisable diary-view of your content, helping you plan and maintain consistency
  • Ads – the overview page of Meta’s Ads Manager summarises current and previous ad campaigns, and the gateway to the Ads Manager tool for creating paid-for content on your Pages
  • Insights – an instant overview of your Page/s’ and posts’ performance, and where you can find a wealth of trackable data around your marketing performance
  • All Tools – the gateway to the rest of Meta’s professional tools, such as where you can view your page/s feeds, allocate Page roles to other team members, optimise your Page/s in more detail, access the Commerce Manager (ideal for product businesses), and check your account security and status.
  • Edit – this tab allows further customisation of the Business Suite homepage to suit your own needs
  • Search – self-explanatory, searching within Meta Business Suite itself
  • Settings – access and check your account/s set up, password & security (here’s where you set two-factor authentication for each of your Pages!), linked debit or credit cards for ad billing, and much more

And, the main section of the page includes quick access buttons to create content, edit the Page/Instagram bio, see recent messages and comments, and view your content planner seen further below.

To summarise…
Using the Meta Business Suite for small business marketing gives you a powerful toolkit for managing your branded Facebook, Instagram and Messenger activity. I believe it’s very worthwhile setting it up and getting to grips with some of the qualities so that you can bring a more focused level of productivity to your social media efforts. It’s important to take a look and see what’ll work for you… the chance to cherrypick and make the most of key features (and leave others for later down the line, when your business has grown more perhaps?)… it’s very useful!

Now you’re underway with it, here’s a final, bonus tip –

Meta provides small business owners with it’s own recommendations on how to get more from the Business Suite.
Take a look at these here.
Most of this advice STRONGLY aligns with the support I provide for the small business owners that I work with as a marketing coach in the Bristol area and beyond!

If you need more guidance on any of these strategies and methods Meta mentions, the answers in my tailored 121 coaching support could be just what you’re looking for.
Or I run group workshops on many marketing topics – you can take advantage of these as an option that may be more accessible than 121… the workshops are full of takeaways and ideas you can implement as your next step.

To understand what’d be right for you, feel free to send me an email, or use a Direct Message in either Facebook or Instagram – I’ll likely be responding to that via my Business Suite dashboard 😉

I hope this blog helped you, Ruth


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