3 August, ChatGPT for beginners training workshop


  • Thursday 3 August 2023, 6.30pm-8.30pm
  • Workshop, by Zoom
  • Includes live demos + Q&A
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Doing small business marketing can be a HUGE time-suck. On social media, especially!

So who doesn't want to learn how to save time on it, without compromising on quality? < That's right, no one! >

ChatGPT is the hottest new tool in town… an AI writing bot which great for helping you as a small business owner get words out there in double-double-quick time. Consistently! And yes, it's free.

Writing pros out there will all say that the quality of ChatGPT copy is not reliable, too much waffle, inaccurate… And that may be true, unless you know the tricks on how to get the best from it.
I've spent hours testing, studying and refining the process so I can save time and effort with my small business marketing.

Those are the tips I’ll share with you in this 100%-beginner-friendly class. Nobody's got time to waste, right?
“ChatGPT - How to Harness Robot AI for Faster & Better Marketing”

It's also a fact that my background is as a trained journalist, with 20+years in magazine publishing.
So I definitely know more than most how to create great copy… engaging social media posts, blogs and sales pages that get conversions!
Even with all that experience, I still find ChatGPT useful to save me time and effort. YOU CAN TOO.

Starting saving time with GhatGPT. It's writing for the non-writers! You'll learn how to create…
✅ social media posts
✅ video + podcast scripts
✅ blog + longer article writing
✅ e-commerce + Etsy product listings
✅ creative works, such as songs or poems
✅ idea generation, title suggestions, hooks etc

This workshop is ideal if you’re already pushed for time, and struggling to keep up with marketing your small business. ChatGPT is a great free tool for small business owners to make the most of, in order to blitz the amount of time it takes to create marketing and sales content – once you know the tricks.
Anyone who is a bit of a technophobe, or simply feels that writing is not their strong suit… we'll go right back to basics to make it easy.

Small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs, in both service-based and product-based businesses will benefit from this workshop.

You’ll takeaway tips and immediate action steps to apply so you can crack your marketing, in less time *and* make sure the quality doesn't fall off the cliff.

1. CHOOSE YOUR TICKET OPTION – Basic (attendance only) or Upgrade (attendance + replay access + workbook notes).
2. ADD TO CART – get ready to spend way less time and effort marketing your business. 

No one is born a marketing pro. Nor does anyone have time to waste on their marketing, not getting results.
Join this class now to learn how you can spend your efforts wisely.

What previous attendees of my classes say…
" Thanks so much for today's Instagram class – so very useful! "
" I was on Ruth's Instagram webinar, it was so good. I can see why she motivates people so much! It was excellent and so many tips. "
" It was so thorough and Ruth explained things in a way that was really easy to understand. I can’t wait to get going now!

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ChatGPT for Beginners - online training workshop for small business owners

Thursday 3 August, 6.30-8.30pm This online class is perfect for time-poor small business owners looking to improve their productivity when doing marketing for their brand. If you're not confident with writing quality content that connects with your ideal audience, this workshop is for you! 2hr workshop by Zoom Learn how to harness the power of ChatGPT, the powerful online writing tool, to map out and publish social media posts, blogs, website content, YouTube and other video scripts, product descriptions… much more… ALL in a fraction of the time it would usually take. You can get a month of content done in just a couple of hours! Live class by Zoom, includes Q&A Replay available, with downloadable workbook Tickets £39/ £49. 3 Aug, 6.30pm (UK time)

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