How to pinpoint your Dream Customer
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Understanding your audience is a vital skill for any online business owner – in fact, I believe that applies for any business owner! – if you want to be successful.


Simply put: because trying to reach too many people is a scattergun approach and none of those people will ‘get you’. It’s akin to speaking to a crowded room full of folks (yay!) but they’re not really interested in what you’ve got to say, so they’re not really listening. (Boo.)

Instead – understand who your brand’s audience is and then you’ll be able to attract the RIGHT people into that room. They will be interested in your message, so they’ll pay attention.

And the fun part comes into play… the fact that when they’re listening, that’s when they start to engage.

And that’s when you grow a relationship with them. That’s when they’ll trust you enough to want to buy.

(And to recommend you to others like them!)

In the land of marketing, there’s a phrase that sums it up,

“When you try to speak to everyone, you end up speaking to no-one.”

In other words…
It’s time to get focused and get targeting those RIGHT people.

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It’s a common misconception, which many business owners have, such that their brand will suit “a lot of people”.

Or that “a wide range of people” can benefit from their product or service.

I’m sure that’s true, in many cases.

However, by focusing first-and-foremost on a single Dream Customer, you can connect with them so much more effectively.

Less scattergun.

Which means… sorry, if you think your Dream Customer is say, mums aged between 30-50, who like modern/ contemporary home décor, then I’m afraid I don’t believe that’s specific enough.

I don’t know about you, but I know a lot of mums who fit that bill, and they’re pretty different from each other. The 30-year-olds are especially different from the 50-year-olds, for starters!

Different life situations, different financial circumstances, different purchasing decisions going on for each of them.

This is why getting really narrowed down is going to work in your favour.

Deciding on a Dream Customer doesn’t mean The Only Customer.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever attract other customers who aren’t a bit like that Dream Customer. It just means that the Dream Customer is going to get your vibe sooooo much more easily.

So why wouldn’t you focus on converting him/her to be an actual customer, before concerning yourself with the rest?!

My top 6 reasons why narrowing down a single Dream Customer will be helpful for growing your brand

  1. You can sell to your audience more effectively
  2. You can narrow down your niche zone-of-genius better. And your audience will be crystal clear that you’re ‘the one for them’.
  3. You can pitch your products or services more clearly (and compete better in a crowded online space)
  4. You can attract a loyal fanbase more easily
  5. You can grow social media audiences – on any platform – with less work
  6. You can garner a more engaged following. Even if they’re not quite ready to buy, or if they’re ‘in between’ purchases, they’ll still be more likely to interact

Got to be worth it, right?

Let’s reflect this idea back to that archery target…
Place your one Dream Customer at the heart of that target.
Work on aiming for that person. Improving your aim. Fire. Fire again. Keep going.

Repeat. Don’t lose heart, you’re getting better at this!
You’ll hit the target more and more, with practice. It becomes easier, and will take less work.

You’ll take to hitting other people in the target too, ones hanging out in the outer circles. They’ll no doubt pick up your message, as well. They’ll realise that your brand is actually perfect for them too.

Overall, you’ll still strike a lot of people even just from concentrating on the one Dream Customer.
Purely because:

There are a LOT of people out there who are exactly like your Dream Customer.

If you’d like some support in pinpointing YOUR Dream Customer, or Client… that heaven-sent, ideal person, who’ll be hanging on your every word…
I’m here to help. Let me know if you’d like a Powerhour session to brainstorm who that person is and how you’ll message them.
Or if you’re interested in adding that to a course of bespoke coaching around online selling and marketing. Message me here.

I hope this helped you today.

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Graphic image with abstract circle shapes and text which reads "how to narrow down your Etsy audience"


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