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Getting nowhere with social media marketing?

It’s easy to get frustrated when:

You spend so much time for no reward

Competitors have lots of followers

Your posts don’t get likes or comments

Activity doesn't convert into sales

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Get in touch and learn how to effectively promote your business for free.

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Effective marketing training that gets results

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Proven methods to use your time productively

Keep your posts authentic

Increase following and generate leads

Save money on outsourcing to a social media manager

Keep control of your social accounts

I know how frustrating social media marketing can be

You can end up wasting a lot of time without seeing any increase in followers or sales.

I’ve helped dozens of small businesses overcome these challenges in 1-to-1 coaching sessions and group workshops on topics such as Instagram Reels.

In recent years I’ve run business support programmes for business owners, on behalf of the West of England Combined Authority. 

Before that, I trained with some of the world’s most successful marketing coaches, and I’m passionate about sharing that knowledge.

Plus, I have practical experience running social media accounts for large clients including legal firms and publishing companies.

Connect with me today and let’s get talking.

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Training to suit your budget

Thank you for your great reviews!

“Working with Ruth has been a godsend. I’m now posting consistently across multiple platforms and building my network. I cannot recommend her highly enough – so incredibly worth the investment of both time and money.”

Alice O’Neill

Web designer & trainer

“I had no idea at all how to create Instagram Reels but feel so much more confident after attending Ruth’s workshop. It was so thorough and Ruth explained things in a way that was really easy to understand. I can’t wait to get going now!”

Linzi C

Watercolor artist

The knowledge I’ve gained from Ruth has been invaluable. I now have the confidence to move forwards to grow my business. She is encouraging, supportive, and has the knowledge to help you promote your business efficiently.”

Anna Taylor

Driving instructor

Three steps to success with social media marketing

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Book a discovery call

learn social media marketing

see your sales grow

Social media marketing is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss

In the UK, 90% of the population is on social media and 73% use it every day.

Since that’s very likely to be a high proportion of your customers, it means you have a wonderful opportunity to connect with them in an authentic way.

In the long run, you can build up a dedicated following. (I’d rather help you shortcut the ‘long’ part though!) Then, with that engaged community who really ‘get’ your message, you’ll be front of mind when someone needs your product or service.

This is more authentic than any advertising campaign, whether it’s newspapers or magazines, radio, or Google Ads. Traditional advertising relies on someone seeing your ad for the limited time it’s shown, and responding to it.

Social media is much more natural than that, and much less salesy, which makes it more attractive to companies and customers alike. It’s true, however, that it does take time to create posts and build up a following, and time is what many business owners don’t have.

That’s why I put time efficiency at the forefront of all my classes and coaching. A small amount of time spent productively on social media marketing every week really does pay dividends later on. And best of all, if you grow your following organically it won’t cost you a penny.

In our first meeting, I’ll find out about you and your business, your aims and objectives. And I’ll help you decide which platforms are best for you, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn.

The social media platforms that are best for you to spend your marketing efforts depend on your business, how much time you have and what you’re trying to achieve.

If you sell to businesses (B2B), then Instagram or TikTok may not be right for you because people mainly use them for fun. (On the other hand, even business people use those when they’re not working!) But even if you just stick to LinkedIn, which focuses on business users, that’s still 35 million users in the UK alone – a very big potential audience to connect with.

I won’t just help you with the theory – it’s important to me to make your training course as practical as possible. So demos and examples are a must. And it’s a big “no” from me when it comes to technical jargon! When you’ve finished one of my training sessions, you’ll go away with actions to implement with confidence, straight away.

If you put them into play, I’m 100% certain you’ll succeed and grow your following, get more enquiries and generate more sales as a result.

Social media marketing is already delivering results for a great many companies. According to a 2022 survey of marketing leaders, it contributed to the performance of nearly all their companies, with 4.8% saying that social media contributed “very highly” to performance.

So don’t put it off any longer and don’t let your competitors get ahead of you.

Schedule a call today.